Printing & Structures
PiXDRO products from Meyer Burger enable equipment solutions from R&D to full production based on inkjet printing technology of functional materials. Our experience and capabilities in the inkjet technology as well as pre-and post-processes enable us to provide our customers with industrial solutions.

Research & Development Tools

Advanced research inkjet printers High precision printing platform suited for the Research & Development of printing, pre- and post-, materials and production-processes Easy, fast and accurate exchange of print head assemblies for numerous types of industrial print heads High flexibility for jetting settings and print strategies

PIXDRO IP410 Advanced Industrial Inkjet Printer

Advanced industrial inkjet printer Capable of printing aqueous-, solvent-, hotmelt- and UV-based inks Automatic compensation for substrate deformation, based non-linear scaling using fiducial alignment SECS/GEM interface for integration with factory production monitoring and logging systems

PIXDRO Jetx Manufacturing Systems

PiXDRO Industrial Inkjet Production tool JETx_webAdvanced accurate & reliable mass production inkjet printer High efficient material usage, low cost of ownership Small feature size & high overlay accuracy Automatic and continuous material supply

Meyer Burger Group is a leading company in the design, engineering, development and manufacturing of tailor- made system integrated production equipment.

Our drive is to deliver our customers a solution that has the best price – product performance ratio and an optimum between product design, production equipment and production process.

Meyer Burger B.V, has an extensive technical history and experience over 25 years and clear understanding of market needs. Thanks to a long-term technical vision, is proud of its long-lasting relationships with customers and partners by providing high quality equipment, process know-how and support. This is backed by our firm commitment to continuous product innovation.

New materials, new manufacturing technologies replacing existing value chains enabling integrated combined functionality in electronic devices

Deliver (structured) functional layers with a low cost of ownership

Offer customer solutions with applications based on Industrial proven platforms and equipment.