Research & Development Systems

Design Features Ability to dry and sinter depositions in excess of 20 microns thick. Ability to create custom, composite pulse structures with high precision and accuracy. User-selected pulse power and energies. High-accuracy reflector optics for exceptional (>98%) uniformity. Next-generation touch-screen user interface. Water-cooled lamps. Automated, synchronized sample processing stage with multiple operating mode

PulseForge Tool for Printed Electronics

The PulseForge® family of tools heat functional inks and thin films in milliseconds without heating underlying or adjacent substrates.  The tools are used to dry, sinter, or anneal thin-film materials on substrate materials such as polymers and paper.  The tools also drive UV processes, and initiate and modulate reactions in materials such as the Metalon ICI-series of copper-oxide reduction inks.  These tools are intended for product innovators and manufacturers in printed electronics who need options to traditional use of materials and processing tools such as ovens or lasers. The use of PulseForge® tools can save time and money, and enable new types of products in applications like solar, RFID, displays, smart packaging, and even flexible circuits.