NovaCentrix PulseForge Tools

PulseForge Tool for Printed Electronics The PulseForge® family of tools heat functional inks and thin films in milliseconds without heating underlying or adjacent substrates. The tools are used to dry, sinter, or anneal thin-film materials on substrate materials such as polymers and paper. The tools also drive UV processes, and initiate and modulate reactions in materials such as the Metalon ICI-series of copper-oxide reduction inks. These tools are intended for product innovators and manufacturers in printed electronics who need options to traditional use of materials and processing tools such as ovens or lasers. The use of PulseForge® tools can save time and money, and enable new types of products in applications like solar, RFID, displays, smart packaging, and even flexible circuits.

Simpulse® Photonic Curing Simulation

Features SimPulse is easy to use. Because it is integrated into a PulseForge tool using the same interface, using SimPulse is just like using a PulseForge. SimPulse is either standard or an option on every tool in the PulseForge product family. SimPulse is fast. SimPulse typically runs in a fraction of a second. This allows one to change the variables of system and see in real time the effect of the changes. SimPulse is for R&D and production. The common file format shared by all PulseForge systems contains the variables needed both to run a PulseForge tool as well as SimPulse. Transferring is as easy as a USB stick..

RFID Antenna Production by Muhlbauer & NovaCentrix

With the new APS Series Muhlbauer launches its first Antenna Production Systems, thereby expanding its “Total Solution Strategy“ for providing a fully integrated most flexible and efficient  RFID Factory. The APS system consists of modules for printing, curing and quality control. It takes advantage of the unique NovaCentrix Metalon® Ink and PulseForge® photonic curing tools.


The completely new approach of the APS - Antenna Production System makes it possible for Smart Label suppliers to print their own antennas In-house on demand. The new process is cleaner and faster than all the conventional antenna technologies currently on the market. The APS 20000 incorporates NovaCentrix’s PulseForge® photonic curing tools, creating very high processing temperatures through proprietary high intensity lamps at very short pulse durations.

The new system makes it possible to produce up to 20 000 silver or copper ink antennas per hour on paper, undergoing also an integrated quality assurance system. Especially for Smart Label producers that underlie faster reaction times the APS is an interesting tool as they can produce their antennas now within hours instead of weeks.


NovaCentrix Metalon Copper Ink in RFID Device Production