Vinci Technologies

Ultra High Vacuum Technologies Vinci Technology manufactures and provides a broad range of laboratory and specific field instrumentation for the oil and gas industry. In 2008, Vinci Technologies acquired Meca 2000, a renowned French company that pioneered the Ultra High Vacuum industry in the 1980s. The vacuum division draws from a rich expertise to design and manufacture thin film deposition systems, dedicated to R&D or small scale production. Our systems can be customized and provide the major Physical and Chemical Vapor Deposition (PVD & CVD) techniques: Ø Sputtering Ø Thermal and E-beam evaporation Ø Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) Ø Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) Ø Plasma Enhanced CVD Ø UHV PVD Our instruments can integrate surface analysis such as XPS, AES, RHEED… Additionally, we provide a full range of hardware components to all laboratories which need to upgrade or support the operation of their existing equipment: Ø Substrate manipulators : multi-axis, heating/cooling Ø Ion pumps (incl. refurbishment of existing pumps) Ø Vacuum transfer tunnels Ø HV & UHV components (valves, feedthroughs, chambers, KF/ISO/CF components, etc…) Our customers applications include semiconductors, display technologies (OLED devices, …), sensors, energy (solar cells, …), aerospace, optics and coatings (hard coating, decorative….)


Metrology Solutions: The example solutions list does not include all solutions available. We have to discuss the needs and circumstances of your measurement conditions in order to determine if we can offer a solution that meets your needs. Example (not exclusive) Solutions List: Electrical (Majority Carrier) Properties: (Bulk properties, Wafer map or Depth profiles) Resistivity Carrier Concentration Activation Energies Carrier Type Carrier Mobility Effective Mass Scattering Mechanisms Compensation Surface charge Electrical (Minority Carrier) Properties: (Bulk properties, Wafer map) Recombination Lifetime Diffusion length Deep level trapping Generation lifetime Interface/Surface recombination velocity Carrier mobility (inversion layer) Thin Film Properties (semiconductor, dielectric, metal): (Point measurement or Wafer map) Refractive index (n & k function of wavelength) Film thickness (multi-layer) Fundamental Band Gap (value, type) Surface roughness Defects: pinhole density etc. Solar Cell (PV ) Parameters: (Point measurement or Wafer map) Spectral Response (QE function of wavelength) I -V curve *(Voc, Isc and FF) Function of solar Concentration