NovaCentrix purchased the PChem ink technology in March 2014 and is now glad to offer their complete range of inks.

Following NovaCentrix’s acquisition of PChem’snano silver ink technology, IP and other key assets manufacturing of all PChem products takes place at the NovaCentrix facility, with the inks maintaining their PChem product designators. The new NovaCentrix products include rapid curing flexographic inks PFI-722 and PXI-4180, screen printable inks PSI-211 and PSI-219, and PSPI-700 spray ink. The new NovaCentrix inks enable cost effective products with superior conductivity through more efficient utilization of metals such as high-performance silver.  Additionally, due to scaling efficiencies at NovaCentrix, the PChem inks are now available at reduced pricing.  The PChemnano silver flexo and screen inks have been well known for offering the best conductivity at the lowest cost. 


Please visit our online store for sample quantity purchasing.  For larger volumes please contact directly.

Printing Method Product Name Particle Type Typical Sheet Resistance
Flexograph PFI-722 nano Ag 50-350 at .2 to 1 micron Polyester

<25 micron 


Screen  PSI-211 nano Ag <30 at 3 microns Polyester

<100 micron 


Screen PSI-219 nano Ag <40 at 3 microns Polyester <100 micron
Spray PSPI-100 nano Ag 300 at 1 micron Polycarbonate, ABS and others Area coating
Flexograph PXI-4180 nano Ag 50-350 at .2 to 1 micron Polyester <25 micron