Aerosol Jet 200 Series

Aerosol Jet 200 series systems provide a professional grade, compact benchtop print solution specifically developed for printing electronics. Example applications for the Aerosol Jet 200 Series include: Curriculum development and delivery Development of new inks and other materials Print process development New product development Advanced biologics R&D

Aerosol Jet 300 Series

Aerosol Jet 300 Series Systems Aerosol Jet 300 Series systems are ideally suited to develop next generation processes and devices for photovoltaic, touch screen displays, 3D interconnects and other printed electronics and biologics applications. A number of Aerosol Jet 300 Series system configurations are available to meet your specific application requirements.

Aerosol Jet 5X Series

Aerosol Jet 5X Systems: The Aerosol Jet 5X system is ideally suited for 3D Printed Electronics applications such as fully printed antennas, sensors, and Molded Interconnect Devices (MIDs). The system comes equipped with an Optomec Sprint print module ideally suited for high resolution printing of electronic circuits and devices for rapid prototyping, product development and printed material evaluation. An optional Optomec Marathon print module can be added for process development and low volume production runs. The Aerosol Jet 5x system comes with 5 axes of coordinated print motion.

Marathon Sprint Series

The Aerosol Jet Marathon Print Engine is ideally suited for rapid integration into industrial automation platforms for high performance material deposition applications. The Marathon Print Engine includes deposition hardware, software interface, and process controls required to implement a complete production material deposition solution.

Aerosol Jet Technology

The Aerosol Jet technology delivers the unique ability to print fine-feature electronic, structural and biological patterns onto almost any substrate. The patented process, which is totally different from ink jet, utilizes aerodynamic focusing to precisely deposit electronic and other materials in dimensions ranging from 10 micrometers (microns) up to centimeter scale.

The advantages of the Aerosol Jet technology include:

  • Feature Sizes to 10 microns
  • Thin Layer Deposits from 100 nm
  • Many Materials and Substrates
  • Scalable to support high volume production needs
  • Material viscosities from 1- 1,000 cP
  • Nanomaterial Deposition Capability
  • Non-planar Capability
  • Low-Temperature Processing