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Our Product Range

Aerosol Jet Equipment

The Aerosol Jet technology delivers the unique ability to print fine-feature electronic, structural and biological patterns onto almost any substrate. The patented process, which is totally different from ink jet, utilizes aerodynamic focusing to precisely deposit electronic and other materials in dimensions ranging from 10 micrometers (microns) up to centimeter scale.

Photonic Curing Systems

Enabling Printed Electronics The promise of printed electronics is advanced energy functionality at low cost, often on flexible substrates, produced by additive print methods. Flexible or printed light-weight solar cells, batteries, displays, sensors, RFID - while some of these advanced devices are already on the market, more are in development. To enable development and manufacturing of this next generation of electronics devices, NovaCentrix offers state-of-the-art photonic curing tools, materials, and expertise.

Inkjet Systems

Meyer Burger B.V. is a market leader in the design, engineering, development and manufacturing of tailor- made system integrated production equipment. Our drive is to deliver our customers a solution that has the best product performance at the lowest cost-of-ownership whilst optimising product design, functionality and process capability. MBNL have an extensive technical history and experience of over 25 years with a clear understanding of market needs. Meyer Burger B.V. has long-lasting relationships with customers and partners by providing high quality equipment, process know-how and support. This is backed by our firm commitment to continuous product innovation.

Conductive Inks

Metalon inks are designed specifically for use with low-temperature substrates including paper, PET and other plastics are available. Metalon inks are primarily water-based for ease of handling, clean-up, and for environmental consideration. Metalon ICI copper-oxide reduction inks convert to copper thin-film upon processing with a PulseForge tool in open air. Metalon ICI inks are as inexpensive as $75/kg in volume quantities. Metalon JS-series silver inkjet inks can be cured thermally or with PulseForge tools. Metalon HPS-series silver screen inks can cure with temperatures as low as 150C.

Metrology Solutions

SemiMetrics Ltd. was formed in 1992 and has been working since then with leading suppliers providing solutions for semiconductor measurement problems to a very wide range of clients in the UK and Europe. We also have partner companies in the USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan supporting our solutions in those countries. Dr. Eric Don founded the company with the objective of providing quality built solutions to measurement problems. Clients were initially exclusively R&D but are now also in manufacturing. Dr. Don has extensive prior personal experience in this field; following research into thin film semiconductor deposition by PVD he was European Marketing Manager with Hewlett-Packard for Semiconductor Test & Measurement Systems and then headed Bio-Rad’s semiconductor characterisation business before becoming a Managing Director of Brooks Automation in the UK and most recently Vice President of Semilab Co Ltd, a global semiconductor metrology company.